Bulletin of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

English title: Bulletin of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
ISSN: 2722-7324 (online)
DOI: 10.25008/bcsee
Website: http://bcsee.org/
Publisher: Indonesian Scientific Journal
Country: ID
Language of publication: EN

Journal description

Bulletin of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (BCSEE) (e-ISSN: 2722-7324) is a biannually peer-reviewed open access journal that covers the leading-edge subjects and matters in computer science, information systems, and electrical engineering disciplines. The Journal stresses on academic excellence, research rigidity, knowledge distribution, and reciprocated scholarly efforts in order to endorse theoretical, experimental, and practical research at national and international levels. The BCSEE publishes research articles, review articles, short communications, letters, and technical notes that meet the broad-spectrum criteria of scientific excellence in the following research areas (but not limited to):

Computer Science and Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Technology
Information Technology
Computer Applications
Instrumentation and Control Engineering
Medical Electronics Engineering
Mobile and Pervasive Computing
Software Engineering
VLSI Design
Optical Communication
Multimedia Technology
Biomedical Engineering
Communication and Networking
Digital Signal Processing
Biometrics and Cyber Security
Embedded System Technologies
Power Electronics and Drives
Power Systems Engineering
Electrical Drives and Embedded Control
Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing
Computer Networks Engineering
Database Technologies
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Techniques
Soft Computing Techniques
Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks
Parallel, Distributed and Grid Computing
Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Machine Learning Algorithms
Image, Signal and Video Processing
Mobile Computing and Application Development
Wireless Technologies
Web Technologies
Wind, Solar, and Renewable Energy
Ubiquitous Computing and Embedded Systems
U And E-service, Science and Technology
System Security and Security Technologies
Software Testing & Analysis
Integrated Circuits & Systems
Radio Frequency (RF), Microwave, An Millimeter-Wave Circuits
Remote Sensing and Space Systems
Space Plasma Electro-Dynamics
Wave Propagation
Social Networking and Analysis
Hardware Engineering
Computer Architecture and Organization
Electrical Machines
XML Web Services
Electromagnetic Materials for RF and Microwave Applications
Open Source Technologies in
Operating System
Enterprise Computing
Information Security
Bio-Inspired Computing
Computer Science Applications
Nano-Electro-Mechanical System
Internet of Things (IoT)
Photonics and Optoelectronics
Information Engineering
Cryptography and Network Security
MEMS and Microsystems
Solid-State Devices and Nanotechnology
Computer Vision
Electromagnetics & Acoustics
Channel Coding Theory and Applications
Energy Systems
Digital Signal Processing
Control, Intelligent Systems
Design, Modeling, and Analysis (DMA)
Integrated Circuits
Micro/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
Physical Electronics
Signal Processing
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
Information Storage Management
Compiler Design
Invisible Computing
Fuzzy Logic and rough set theory
Evolutionary algorithm
Knowledge Management
Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs)
Simulation Techniques
Solid-State Device Modelling and Simulation
Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits
Programming Languages
Graphics and Visualization
Computational Biology
3D Modelling and Rendering
Audio Video Broad Casting Systems
Nano-Scale Transistors
Analog and Mixed Mode VLSI Design
Genetic Algorithms and its Applications
Particle Swarm Optimization
Ant Colony Optimization
Any other relevant topics…..


Original title: Bulletin of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
English title: Bulletin of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Short title: Bulletin of Comp. Sci. & Electr. Eng.
Printed version: No
Electronic version: Yes
Journal character: naukowy
Publication frequency: half-yearly
Circulation: 20
First issue year: 2020
Free full text: Yes

Scientific profile

Disciplines /specializations:
Computer Science (miscellaneous)
Information Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Networks and Communications
Computer Science Applications
Engineering, Electrical & Electronic

Scimago Category:
Engineering / Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Computer Science / Computer Science (miscellaneous)
Engineering / Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Web of Science category:
Computer Science, Cybernetics
Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science, Software Engineering
Engineering, Electrical & Electronic
Computer Science, Information Systems
Computer Science, Cybernetics
Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications

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Indonesian Scientific Journal
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